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Let us help you better understand the world of affiliate marketing  

In a nutshell...

  The online marketing business model is based on the principle that, as an Affiliate/Online Marketer, you will be driving online traffic to numerous businesses through specific affiliate links. In other words, you promote other people's procuts. If the customer buys the businesses' product through that link, then you earn a commission. This same business platform can also be converted into an online marketing strategy for your pre-existing products/business (if you have one).

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing 

One, the business is completely hands off (you never deal directly with any of the products you promote, unless you are promoting your own products). If the particular business you are promoting happens to fail, you just switch to a new one! 

Two, this business is very scalable. Affiliate marketers can earn anywhere from $500 a month to seven figures a year. 

Three, this model requires very little overhead. All Affiliate marketing platforms require a minimum set of online tools that need to be purchased (usually a monthly subscription). For beginners, this price is typically less than $150 a month! Then, you can set a marketing budget of whatever amount you like.

Four, you can operate your business from anywhere you like, anywhere in the world! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.  

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing 

One, paying for marketing strategies can be very expensive if not properly optimized. This whole business revolves around how well your offers convert into actual sales. If not properly done, businesses will spend copious amounts of money on marketing only to see this traffic leave their site disinterested. 

Second, learning how to properly set up profitable businesses can be very confusing and tedious. It is easy to spend a lot of money in the startup phase, only to see your launched business struggle to make a single sale. The websites that allow you to operate your business try to be straightforward, but at times they seem exactly the opposite. Simple mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.  

Our Advice

We recommend you start your business with some help. Luckily, many experienced Affiliate Marketers have made training modules, compiling videos tutorials and instructional reading that can make the process that much easier. 

Of course, it is possible to figure all of this out on your own, but, from our experience purchasing a training kit makes the process go exponentially faster. Now, many of these training kits just seem like get rich quick schemes and scams. Many of them do not offer that great of info. Many just take your money! Do not go into this without some knowledge. Do not make the critical mistakes we, and so many others have made...

To see which training kits won't screw you over, click here.

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